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Development Application (DA) is an application that is submitted into your local council for building approvals

JJ Drafting’s Services consist’s of the following



  • Initial Meeting (45 minutes Free )
  • Site Measure
  • Photos
  • Design and Sketch Drawing’s
  • Plans drawn for council submission
  • Site Analysis Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevation Plans
  • Section Plans
  • Landscape / Site Coverage Calculation Plan
  • Stormwater Concept Plan ( if required )
  • Landscape Concept Plan ( if required )
  • Shadow Plans
  • Shadow Elevations
  • Erosion and Sediment Plans
  • Site Calculation
  • Basic Specification Notes
  • Statement Of Environmental Effects
  • BASIX Certificate
  • Submission to Council ( if requested )

JJ Drafting, designs and draw’s your plans in compliance with your local council development and design controls We do our utmost to create your dream and see it come to fruition

If you have any Questions Please feel free to CONTACT Us

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