Q & A

Q) I'd like to make sure I understand how your services will work vs using an architect for the process. I won't be using an architect and will be proceeding with you but I'd like to know where the limits of your
abilities/services end and where for I should consider getting further advice and support. For example, in regards to the overall design, I want to make sure that the plans take into account the rest of our land and consider how we
make sure we make the absolute best of the land we have?

A) I take into consideration the design of the proposed additions  so that they blend and connect well with the rest of your land and dwelling and to make sure it flows well inside and out.......you may have different Ideas to what I
may present to you, however it is a starting block. I put myself into your house, and design in a way that I would like to see, and with your ideas in mind as well. 

Q) So considering this, when plans are drawn up, can you/do you consider how we landscape around the house and design the landscaping structures (retaining walls, entry ways, parking spaces, etc) to make sure the additions are
usable and practicable for the use case we are design for. e.g. if we want to use the bottom of the house as a granny flat style place, do you think about separate entry and car parking for the person?
Yes to all of the above

So with that in mind, can you:

Give me a bit of a rundown of how your service works and what I should and shouldn't expect from you from the renovation planning process?

A) We can prepare a Fee Proposal for you or if you would prefer by the hour charge. After the acceptance of either charge

I will need to come and measure the house and take photos. I can then provide you with sketches ( plans and elevations) with options if necessary

When you both are satisfied that the sketches are to your liking, (after any changes have been made) usually two options , then I will then proceed to draw up the plans for council

Site analysis plan, Floor plans, Elevations, Sections, Site calculations, Site calculation plan, Landscape concept plan, 3 Shadow plans, Erosion and sediment control plan, BASIX calculations

Write up a statement of environmental effects.....about a 10 page document with photos indicating what we are proposing and and if they meet the councils control.
Lodge the DA to council. Once the DA has been approved I can organise the construction certificate......the private certifier will then issue you with a building certificate once all documents and payments are received( including
engineering drawings)
I normally  do not project manage the build as I leave this for the builder.

Q) Can you Provide a list of other services I should speak with that you have some experience with (e.g. engineers, landscape designers, suppliers, builders, etc)

A) I know of a few engineers and a number of builders I can email you the names later on.

Q) I've got some relatives who are architects but I don't want to use family for this project. The although are happy to give some feedback and thoughts on the overall design process. Are you ok if I get and provide additional input
from them? like an additional opinion.

A) That's fine.

Q) I want to minimise poor or uninformed decisions through the process, do you have any resources that I can refer to on how to project manage a renovation?

A) Any good builder can help along with this.

Q) Can you provide a timeline of the steps you take and approximate timeline of when you expect to have these steps completed?

A) Usually takes around 6 -8 weeks or there abouts from finish to lodge into council - each job varies...( from measure up  to sketch drawings to lodging) there maybe some report that need to be done by other consultants ie.
geotech consultant or bushfire consultant if required.